Can we please talk about the experiment who just made sandwiches throughout the entire series on Lilo & Stitch

look at him


friendly reminder that Rube had the same powers and strength as stitch, but had a higher intelligence resulting in him being able to speak perfectly….but instead of being obsessed with destroying cities…only cared about making sandwiches… 

So he was basically a college student

I remember when I used to stay up until 5 just to watch movies and eat candy and be by myself. I did that one Easter, I stayed up all night watching Thomisina and eating candy and hard boiled eggs, and then i cried because I wasn’t a little kid anymore, but I was happy. 

I think the worse part is by not having and/or not giving myself enough time, my work quality is so bad, and my professors deserve more than that. I could write excellent papers, not this trash. I wish writing papers, didn’t literally make me feel like I am trapped in a sunless cage and I need to jump out as soon as I get the chance. It’s gotten a little better, and I’ve had some periods where it wasn’t like that, but it’s basically been like that sense I was 10. And it takes me like 30 minutes to read one printed page and annotate it (I’m actually not exaggerating, it’s actually true), that they take so long, it feels useless not to do them all at once, but if I didn’t, my work would be so good. I would be a genius, I would have straight A’s. Instead I’m just like average, sometimes a little below, sometimes a little above, sometimes memorable, but average. And as someone who freaks out when they get one little fact wrong, and think about it for days, I hate it.

The amount of all-nighters I have had to pull, or times I’ve had to wake up at 4 in the morning after going to sleep at 1 or so, or the amount of times I have taken two hours naps in the middle of not sleeping for 36+ hours this semester to finish a paper (or study, but usually I just give up if it’s not like something I need to complete) is ridiculous. Last semester I pulled one real, fantastic all nighter at the end of the semester, but that was it. But apparently it convinced me they were successful. They are not. But I have literally had at least one big paper (sometimes multiple), multiple tests, or important projects every week sense Spring Break, and I feel like I have actually relaxed sense then. I am so done at this point. Though I never want the semester to end. I wish it was fun again. Only two more weeks, then finals and then everything is over. I don’t even have time to figure out what I’m doing in the summer. I have no idea. I just hate things ending. I messed up my jazz concert, because I got so sad that jazz was over for the year. But one thing I will not miss is these all nighters, and if I ever get nostalgic about them, someone needs to wack me with something large enough to give me a massive headache, but not kill me, and tell me that is what they felt like, and I need to avoid them at all costs. And it doesn’t matter what cool music you listen to, or what good fod you have, they will never be fun and all you will think of is being free to sleep in your bed, and sing, and clean your room and go outside and watch movies, but as soon as you are done you will be so stressed out nothing will seem fun at all, and sleep won’t happen and then you will have something else to worry about. Seriously, I just did this Tuesday night and took me until Saturday to recover. Also tell me that pulling all nighters is not cool, and no one cares and will not give you cred, and people just laugh and tell you not to drink coffee because it makes you act like a maniac and insult your driving.